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Serge Horta is a Hong Kong based documentary photographer. Through his academic training in architecture he is able to capture impossible order amidst the chaos of cities. His photographs are the result of a hypnotic obsession in how different cultures live, adapt and interact with the built environment, from the perfectly manicured suburb to the sprawling slum. His extensive portfolio documents the metamorphosis of the urban landscapes in which he has lived or merely traversed - from Sydney to New York, London to Guangzhou. Amid noise and chaos Serge manages to find moments of peace and silence. 

Having photographed in over 70 countries, he encounters and engages with local residents, we see deeply personal and immensely human stories emerging from what’s often overlooked, making a powerful, penetrating impression on the viewer.  

Serge’s work is held in private collections in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland.

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